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Opinion: New Taxes Won’t Solve San Diego’s Budget and Homelessness Problems

By Terry Hoskins D.P.A
Times of San Diego, May 19, 2024      

The city budget for the 2025 fiscal year presents a pivotal moment for elected officials to prioritize San Diego’s welfare over special interest groups. However, calls by City Council President Sean Elo-Rivera and other lawmakers to impose new taxes have raised severe concerns about our local elected officials’ accountability.

The Divider, Not The Uniter!

By Terru Hoskins D.P.A
May 03, 2024      

I support District 9 hosting an in-person Budget Forum for our Spanish Communities. Unfortunately, this will only help some of our underserved not English-speaking communities and this behavior is another example of the lack of equity in the distribution of resources within District 9. I must express my strong objection to this unequal distribution of resources concerning the current Budget Forum.

Our councilmember must not understand the demographics of District 9. During the end of the Vietnam War, many Vietnamese, Cambodian, Laotian, and Thai refugees settled in City Heights during the 1970s and 1980s. During the 1980s and 1990s, resettlement agencies assisted refugees from the Somali Civil War and other African Countries who also settled in City Heights. District 9’s Spanish-speaking constituents represent the largest population in terms of demographics; however, this is not a justification for the unequal treatment of the remaining populations.

I strongly object to the unequal treatment of District 9’s English-speaking and other non-English-speaking constituents. I am asking every constituent in District 9 to write a letter or call his office and demand an equal distribution of resources regarding the current Budget Form, an in-person budget forum for everyone, and translation services available for all.

The fact that English-speaking and other non-English language-speaking constituents are directed to a virtual budget forum without translation, while the budget forum for Spanish-speaking is in-person and offers translation services, is a clear instance of discrimination. This disparity in engagement opportunities is unacceptable, especially considering virtual forums’ limitations in terms of audience participation. We understand when meetings are conducted virtually, the host controls who speaks and how long they are allowed to speak; therefore, they can avoid questions they do not want to answer.

This not only discriminates against the majority of constituents in District 9 but is another example of purposely abusing his power. I hope you agree with me, and if you do, please call or send a message to District 9 demanding this disproportion of unequal distribution of resources be changed.

No Shots Fired Program

By Terry Hoskins D.P.A
May 02, 2024      

I am Dr. Terry Hoskins, a retired San Diego Police Officer. I wish to comment on Sub Item B and express my support for the No-Shots-Fired program.  This program has been successful behind the scenes in District 4 & District 9, and its price tag is minimal. For those who may not be familiar with this program, I highly recommend reading “Peace in the Hood” by Aquil Basheer.  Additionally, the ‘Community Wrap-around’ programs, which have demonstrated significant success, deserve our continued support and funding.  The FY 25 budget shortfall is mainly due to the 86 million for 101 Ash St and the 46 million for the Civic Center Plaza. The lack of equity for the past three-plus years falls on the shoulders of this Council President. The public understands this and understands that this occurred under the leadership.

Lack Of Equitable Services

By Terry Hoskins D.P.A
May 01, 2024      

Tonight I spoke at the City Council meeting to express my concern about the lack of equitable services for D4 and D9.

“During the past three-plus years, under the Council President’s leadership, the lack of equitable distribution of services to District 4 and District 9 was under his watch. He owns this!
As a great example, Adams Avenue in Kensington is being redone! It is not needed. This is shameful in terms of equitable services.

If you don’t believe me, drive it.”

When the Council attempts to explain the need for additional taxes, the public knows the truth – that wasting dollars like this is a symptom of how out of touch and entitled the incumbent has become. He talks about equality and has not delivered.


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