– Homeless Crises –

San Diego has spent millions on this issue, worsening the situation. Housing first needs to be precedented with shelter first. Shelter first, enroll in dependency programs, and then successfully transition into housing with the ability to be successful. Poor decisions by out-of-touch council members who only respond to their donors continue to worsen the situation while not listening to the neighborhoods in the district.

– San Diego’s Financial Choices –

The city council members have received five pay raises since voters overhauled their pay, more than doubling their salary to over $173,000. Yet, more community members’ voices are unheard: For two years, elected officials hardly worked in their office, made irresponsible planning and decisions like the Ash Street embarrassment, and yet first responders/health workers went to work every day, and unfortunately, some departments still go unappreciated.

– Housing –

I do not favor SB 10 and other tools that remove neighborhoods from development decisions happening within them. I believe in development that preserves the flavor of the communities by working with current residents and businesses to find solutions that encourage smart growth, not ad hoc growth. Please do not be deceived. This ad-hoc growth concept will remain with the current elected officials and will not go away. Do you trust elected officials not to approve the current or next version of SB 10?

– The Safety of The City –

San Diego is ranked approximately the eighth largest City in America and 97th among the most dangerous cities in America. Council members with preconceived ideas about law enforcement continue to make poor choices.


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